Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Loss of Chelsea

I cannot believe that after so long anyone would visit my blog. I just logged in today and was astonished to find some sweet messages and even a poem sympathizing with me about my dog Chelsea's sudden death on Monday night. I don't even know how you guys knew about it, but thank you all so much! You made me cry--but it was a good cry!
Actually, I am completely heart broken and I have just cried so much I can hardly see out of my eyes and have to wear dark glasses when I go out so everyone doesn't think I am a vampire!
Everything seems to remind me of my faithful little dog:she would always follow me from room to room wherever I went; in fact it was quite a joke because when I was taking photos of my house in Windsor before putting it on the market, I found that Chelsea was posing in every photo as if she was the one showing the house!
Chelsea was 16 and 1/2 when she died. She had a marvelous life with me. She entered my life at a significant time just after my mother had died and when Kate was still at school, and she was a wonderful healing influence for our family. She gave us so much pleasure and love. I was really lucky to find such a great and unique dog. Maybe too, she has left me at a significant time too, as now I will be able to travel more freely and to spend more time with my family in the UK, US and Canada without having to leave her. Most importantly, she didn't suffer and died in her sleep.
I am posting the last picture of her and I have adapted a well-known nursery rhyme as a dedication to Chelsea, now buried in the grounds of a lovely Tuscan villa.
Mary had a little dog,
Her face was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went
Her dog was sure to go!


Diana said...

Both David and Kate had posted about the loss of Chelsea. That's how I found out anyway. I am sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose a companion of many years. I hope you have nothing but happy memories of her and take comfort in the many good thoughts being sent your and Chelsea's way.

Becky L said...

Like Diana, I heard about Chelsea through David and Kate's twitters. I think they are feeling her loss a bit as well. Not as much as you are, of course.

You'll always have Chelsea with you. It just won't seem like it for awhile. Then, one day, you'll find some toy of hers where you least expect to find it and you'll smile at some memory it brings back. Some time when she was being playful and silly and made you laugh out loud. That's her way of letting you know she's still there with you.

It will be a while before that happens and there isn't any set time frame for everyone. I wish I could say there is. But it will happen and while you'll miss her, you'll know she's still there trying to make you smile.

In the meantime, the best I can offer is thoughts and virtual {{HUGS}}

Fran said...

Mary both David and Kate told us of your loss. I visit your page quite often to see of any new news. Sorry for your loss Chelsea was one of a kind.

Virtual Hugs


Anonymous said...

I also heard about Chelsea through David and Kate's twitters. I am so so for your loss. Thank you for sharing her with us.
Sending you lots of warm hugs and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that I am so sorry for your loss...

Francy said...

I'm really sorry for your loss, I have lost a dog too and know how much it hurts. But over 16 years of a wonderful life is definitely great for a dog. My thoughts are with you and Chelsea, and I'm sure she's now up there playing with my Charlie.

carole said...

Mary, I found your blog by chance. I am so sorry about Chelsea, it is heartbreaking to loose a beloved animal, I'm so glad she didn't suffer but such a shock for you. I hope things feel a little less raw now, I know there are always so many reminders, hard.
We haven't been in touch for about 25 years! Lot of water under the bridge, and now you are in Italy, it sounds wonderful. Hope things are good with you.

Carole Bruce xxx