Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heat wave in Lucca

It is so hot here that every time I go out I need to shower again when I come back. Tomorrow I will be leaving for London because I am going to meet my latest grandchild Toby who is one week old and help my daughter for a few weeks. I am now procrastinating about getting ready as I really hate packing a suitcase. Even though I travel quite often, I never get any better at it. I always seem to leave something vital behind and take all the wrong things instead. I inevitably pack too much and then there are all the presents and requested olive oil and wine that I hope will not break in my case and ruin all my any case travelling is rather horrid these days, I think. I feel like an alien the moment I enter the airport. Passengers are now the potential enemy and are treated as such. I know that it is a necessary process but it makes the airport experience so frustrating not to mention slow. When I travel in the U.S. I am always singled out for a search. I always ask why they pick me and they always assure me it is quite random and not because I have a gallows face!
Chelsea hates me going away and she gets very glum from the moment the suitcase comes out and she follows me around from room to room as I wander about deciding and then changing my mind about what to pack. Usually she goes to my friend Giovanni and despite the hang-dog face before I leave she has a wonderful time there in the country. She loves him and goes off without a backward glance...

London is a wonderful city as it is so vibrant although it is very expensive. The parks are beautiful and plentiful and the main museums are free which is amazing. My daughter is always bumping into famous people like Jude Law and Hugh Grant but I only seem to see people I recognize but can't quite place. Once I saw the Hobbit uncle ? Bilbo Baggins though (great actor name of Sir Ian Holm) as I was walking around Kensington High Street. The pace of life is so different from Lucca, as everyone rushes around running for trains and buses whereas here no one hurries about and I like that so much.
Well, this was fun but I really must go and pack!


Paula said...

Bon voyage to you as you enjoy your new grandson.

It's probably good to go to London so you can appreciate Lucca all that much more.

crazymom said...

My dog follows me around when the suitcase comes out, too. He seems to want to make sure he isn't left behind and tries to jump into the car when I'm packing, just to make sure.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my cat, Muffin. He sees the suitcase and realizes that I am going somewhere... I have to be sure not to leave him alone with my suitcase as he will pee in it when I am not looking. I guess he thinks that will make me stay home. Bad Kitty. Also, I have always had a problem packing so now, I make myself a list of what I will need and then check things off as I go. Sounds a little silly, but it works for me.
Have a great trip!

Fran said...

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson and I hope you have a great time in London. One thing about going away for a bit it's always great to come home. Let's hope the heat wave in Lucca is over with when you come back. Lucky for us here in Toronto we haven't had many heat waves. We seem to just have "smog days" here.

I'm sure Chelsea will greet you very happily upon your return. My cat was never fond of any of us going on vacation. He would actually wander from room to room whining and complaining. And then when one of us came home he would jump on our lap and stay for a long time. He was a funny cat at times.

Becky L said...

Congratulations on the newest grandchild! May your time there be wonderful and your travels be as quick and problem free as possible.

Poor Chelsea. I'm sure she misses you terribly. She just doesn't understand why she can't go with you. Our cats get very upset when we go any trips and often act quite aloof for a few days when we come home.

Francy said...

Enjoy London and your new grandson!!

I know exactly what heat wave you're talking about, as I can feel it!

Glad to read your latest post! :-)

Medievalandria said...

Dr. Hewlett, this is an old student of yours from Windsor and I hope you remember me! Please forgive me for hijacking your comments like this, but I am planning on doing some dissertation research in Italy and would love to get some advice. If it is not too much trouble, please email me!

Yeoyou said...

I hope everything has gone fine this time. You're probably always singled out because you look too nice or so, so that they can't believe you're genuine ;) Must be something like that!
It's so great your daughter sees all these famous people. Must be very exciting.
I hope you have/had a wonderful time in London!